It is very unfortunate for anyone to meet with a car accident. More than the damage to the car, the thing that hurts the more is if there is any loss of human life or some serious and unrecoverable injury. In this article, we shall discuss the things that you need to do if you meet with a car accident.

Call 911

It is better if you can get your car away from the road. It is because it will create a lot of traffic and will be a hindrance to moving vehicles. Now the first thing that you need to do is call 911.  It does not matter if it is a minor accident or a major accident, calling 911 is mandatory. Most of the law firms insist on calling 911 for the documentation procedures. These documents from the authorities will help you during your claim.

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Exchange car insurance details

There are a few people who like to settle things without calling the police. But make sure to get the details of their insurance. Before getting the driver’s insurance details, decide whose company is going to pay for the damages.

Police report

Filing a police report is very important and mandatory. You may find it difficult to file the report if you haven’t called 911 immediately after the accident. The law varies from state to state. Most of the states allow you to file a complaint within seventy-two hours of the accident. There are some states that demand immediate complaint filing. There are some states that do not fall into both categories. For example, in the state of Oregon, you need the report only when the damage caused is more than 2500 dollars, and in the state of Ohio, you do not have to produce a report as long as nobody is hurt. This is one law that confuses people a lot. Hence it is better to file a complaint immediately.

Report the accident to DMV


As mentioned earlier the law varies from state to state. There are laws certain states that demand you to report the accident to the Department of Motor Vehicles which depends on how much damage that is caused. If you are in a critical situation, make sure to check the state law and if it is necessary, report to the DMV or BMV of the state.

Take photos

In the present situation, everyone is carrying a smartphone. So it would not be a difficult task to take photos of the accident scene. Make sure that you take photos of your vehicle and the other vehicle. Other important aspects that the photos should cover are the license plates, street view and if there is any signage. This will be very helpful to prove that there is nothing wrong with your part. You can also show it to the authorities as a piece of evidence when they are creating the report of the accident.